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Maria Bruun

For her latest collection, Danish designer Maria Bruun has teamed up with fellow Royal ​D​anish ​Academy of ​D​esign alumni Pernille Andersen, a set designer with a strong background in photography. Both designers came at the collaboration with a desire to strip everything down to a minimum and focus on the idea of “non-space.” 

“By using a minimum of props, almost nothing, the viewer is forced to see what man​y​ barely notice — the space around the objects,” says Andersen. “Light is an essential vehicle in photography — to direct attention to the subtle sensing material surfaces. It is almost like a painter using a brush sculpting light in space.” What the viewer notices in this case is a collection defined by something the designers call sculptural minimalism. The Mirror Mirror collection is all light, oak-framed circles, elongated ovals, and angled combinations to reflect several sides of one small space, while the Bigfoot collection — five side tables in solid ash wood and a dining table in solid oak — has massive legs like a sophisticated version of plastic toddler furniture, with sloping lines that call out for you to run your hand over the wood. ​