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Verité by Simon Klenell

Varité is a coll­ec­tion de­sign­ed by Simon Klenell, pro­duced by The Glass Factory in Boda Glas­bruk. A small fac­tory town in the Kingdom of cry­stal in Swe­den. The se­ries is based on two of the main charac­ter­is­ti­cs of glass. Frozen bril­liance and flu­idity. Each piece in the se­ries is mould blown and hand mani­pula­ted to bring out the poetic move­ment and opti­cal ef­fect in the ma­ter­ial. Since the charac­te­ri­stics of the pieces are achie­ved by an ele­ment of random­ness, each piece is uni­que. The series con­sists of three parts. A vase, a small bowl and a big bowl.