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WHITE LIES by Lucas Simões

WHITE LIES is the title of the new series by Brazilian artist Lucas Simões, six column-like sculptures made from concrete and paper piles. The six pieces are arranged in a grid, as if they were pylons for an imaginary building in the process of being built or demolished. Paper and concrete seem to cascade toward the ground or climb skyward in a regular pattern, frozen a moment before each pillar topples. The severe concrete elements are inspired by the post-modern movement, Brutalism, architecture and contrast sharply with the thin paper that supports it.

Before becoming an artist, Simões was an architect. He has long been interested in the promises, failures, and whiteness of modern architecture. That the four columns for this series of works are mostly paper (and white) would be less than ideal if they were actually load-bearing. And yet—these sculptures thwart expectations. Sculptures and buildings both evolve in unexpected ways between their conception, design, construction, and use by their eventual owners. Their stories are more complex than a cursory glance reveals.